A lot happened in the last couple of weeks: I received an award for my master thesis, which I also presented as a poster at GCPR and submitted a paper about my current work.

… continued:

The AFCEA describes itself as

„a professional association that connects innovative people, great ideas and vital solutions to advance global security”.

The German branch of AFCEA (Anwenderforum für Fernmeldetechnik, Computer, Elektronik und Automatisierung e.V.) organises events such as the Koblenzer IT-Tagung, in which’s context computer science theses are awarded. After a few German universities pre-select the most promising final projects, the AFCEA then awards the best submission with generous prices. I am grateful that the AFCEA approved my thesis and awarded me with the second place.

GCPR 2016

A week later GCPR took place and I got the chance to present the results of my master thesis as a poster. For this purpose, GCPR has a special submission process:

„Following the tradition of DAGM/GCPR, GCPR 2016 again hosts a Young Researchers Forum (YRF) dedicated to the presentation of outstanding achievements during Bachelor, Masters or Diploma studies.”

Last but not least, I worked hard within the last weeks and submitted my current work to a conference. I plan to post more on this in the next months.